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Take a sightseeing taxi

A comfortable trip to Akan Mashu and Kushiro Wetlands



One of the best nature

Experience Akan Mashu National Park, Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, Shiretoko National Park, and one of the best nature in Japan.
A taxi driver who has a lot of experience in the nature of Hokkaido and Eastern Hokkaido, which can only be experienced in that season, at that time, and in that place, will guide you to sightseeing spots like a tour bus guide. A professional tourist driver will help you create a travel plan with you. Corresponds to sudden schedule changes on the day. Enjoy Hokkaido to your heart's content in a private space, from sightseeing that travels around scenic spots on a conventional large bus.


Experienced drivers

From sightseeing courses to meals and accommodation arrangements

Total coordination

At Akan Higher, a crew member who supports adventure travel (a form of travel that incorporates elements of contact with nature x cultural experience x activity) will guide you on your trip. Information on local culture, history, and spots that are not known as tourist attractions. We will arrange and guide you to the itinerary linked with activities, wild bird photography, cycling tours, etc. according to the purpose of your trip.

Sightseeing Course

Sightseeing model course

This is a recommended course where a taxi driver who is a professional tourist will accompany you from famous spots to hidden sights.

You can arrange it according to your departure place and arrival time. Please feel free to contact us.


Akan Mashu Perfect Course

(Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan → Sodakedai → Bihoro Pass → Lake Kussharo → Kaminokoike → Lake Mashu → Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan)

Time required: 7 hours


Kushiro / Nemuro enjoyment course

(Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan → Visitor Center on Onnenai, Tsurui Village → Kushiro Marsh Observatory → Hosooka Observatory → Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan)

Time required: 7 hours


World Natural Heritage Shiretoko / Abashiri Course

(Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan → Utoro, Shari Town → Shiretoko Pass → Raus Road Station → Kaiyodai, Nakashibetsu Town → Teshikaga Town → Hotels on the shores of Lake Akan)

Time required: 7 hours


Type of Vehicle

​Car model information



Toyota Camry (medium size)

With a small number of people, you can relax and enjoy a comfortable trip in a quiet car that is not found in small cars. Capacity 4 people, can store 2 large trunks.



Toyota Hiace (jumbo type)

The number of passengers and the luggage compartment are jumbo size. It can be used for various purposes. Capacity 9 people. Large trunks for the number of people can be loaded.




* All prices include tax


Standard-sized car


3 hours

¥ 19,320

¥ 26,940

4 hours

¥ 25,760

¥ 35,920

5 hours

¥ 32,200

¥ 44,900

6 hours

¥ 38,640

¥ 53,880

7 hours

¥ 45,080

¥ 62,860


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